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How many yards of yarn do I need to make that?

Your pattern tells you you need so many ounces of a certain type of yarn, or worse still, doesn't tell you how much yarn you need. How many yards do you need?

I've made this handy calculator which will work it out for you. It's still very new, and the calculations are based on my own notes and my own tension, so please only use it as a rough guide. If you find it right, close or way off, I'd really appreciate your help to fine-tune this calculator. Email shiela@handknitter.co.uk.

Either: my pattern tells me the weight I need...


Or: my pattern doesn't tell me the weight I need...

This is a little more tricky. You'll need to work out the area of your project. For something vaguely rectangular, this is simply width x height. For a sock, it's the length of the sock from toe to cuff x circumference (x2 if you're making a pair!). For a tank top it's neck to waist x circumference of chest.


Needle size: